Oct. 7th, 2012 07:15 pm
carriesagun: (Goddamn Muses)

Sorry ladies and gentlemen!

I am, firstly, still alive! Although I have been struck down, once again, with a cold that started as a runny nose, progressed to tonsilitis then floored me with a double powered attack of chest infection and sinus infect. Bastard. I had to take 2 days off work, that's how bad it was. Now I just cough like a 50-a-day smoker :D

UGH. What else is new? 

Money is horrible. Again. Despite my pay rise and my teaching hours, October is going to be a tight month. I'm glad I preordered White2 and Muse's new album last month, which meant I could still buy them. A little careful budgeting and I managed to fix it so all my riding and driving lessons are paid for, my Expo tickets are bought, phone bill is covered and I've got some extra for emergencies (like trips to the doctors, cosplay bits and getting stranded at work because my dad is a forgetful idiot).

WHITE 2. EXCITEMENT. What are you guys plotting for teams? I'm so overwhelmed I have no idea right now. I'd love to play through with Skye's team with one change, which would be Omastar, Zoroark, Bastiodon, Zebstrika, Bisharp and Porygon2, BUT I have also major temptations to playthrough with an Avengers themed team. How do you guys like Hulk the Tyranitar, Hawkeye the Pidgeot, Widow the Bisharp, Iron Man the Scizor, Thor the Electross and I have no ideas for Captain America. Because I don't want two birds. 

IDK. Maybe I'll just go with a Marvel general naming theme?

EXPO. MORE EXCITEMENT. I'm there on Saturday with my ma (who's excited to be fit enough to come! She's lost 5 stone in 6 months *_* AMAZING) and I shall be your resident Doctor Bruce Banner (providing the world lets me have a goddamn PURPLE SHIRT FFFFFFF). Anyone else going? 

BIRTHDAY. EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT. It's my birthday on November 1st! I want to have a massive party on LJ, complete with a comment ficathon and RPing and fun shit. Who's in? It'll probably spill into Tumblr and Twitter knowing me, too, haha. SO YES. PARTY HATS ON LADIES AND GENTS.

Urgh.... Riding? Riding is good. My instructor is great, I really like her, AND I GOT TO RIDE MY OLIVER TODAY. He was a stubborn little git but I adore him so much. Lickle babby boy <3

Work's work. I'm now doing my first aid training, so I can officially be a college first aider, as well as my emergency medication training. I've got such a range of students, both to support and to teach, that it's a real challenge this year, but I am enjoying it. The teaching hours just fly by every day, it's so weird! But I seem to be getting there; one of my students was overheard telling another teacher that 'Your (other teacher's) lessons are so boring in comparison to Hari's'. I about died. Seriously <3 I have the greatest job.

It comes with downsides, yes, but I really do enjoy it. I have to remind myself frequently that I am doing something worthwhile, and that it is a good job and I love it, because I have 2 very challenging students and there are days I'd rather just bloody walk than go to another lesson with them.

To close, have a shot of Oliver once I'd tacked him up. Bootilicious <3


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