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- Sales permission granted in December 2009
- I ship from the UK. Shipping starts at $6: please bear this in mind when offering, and all prices are without shipping unless specifically mentioned.
- NO TRADES (Except for Keldeo TGC)
- Haggling is cool within reason ^_^
- I do holds; 24 hours is my usual, but please ask if you need longer.

My Feedback (Don't hesitate to give me a link to yours, too!)

Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy Bottlecap Figures 
All mint, only been displayed
$4 each or all three for $10 + shipping!

Samurott, Emboar and Serperior Bottlecap Figures
Mint, only ever been displayed
$4 each or all 3 for $10 + shipping

Zekrom and Reshiram Bottlecap Figures
Both mint, only ever been displayed
$5 each

Victini and Mewtwo Bottlecap Figures
Both mint, only been displayed
$5 each

GENUINE Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Kabuto, Cranidos and Dialga TOMY figures
All have some light play wear on them; Aerodactyls tail often comes loose.
$3:50 each.

PorygonZ and Dialga Keshipoke figures
Both mint, bought new
$7 each

Normal and clear Dialga Chou Getto
Both very good condition
$3 or both for $5

DX Dialga - Ver good condition, $4
Clear Mewtwo - Mint, got him out of the packet myself - $8 OBO
Lucario - Good condition, $3
Dialga Kids - All like new, all $3 each or all of them for $7

Jakks Figures
Dialga - Some light playwear - $4
Porygon & Porygon2 - Both like new - $4 each or both for $7

Dialga Jakks - Good condition - $3
Dialga coin - $.50 or free with purchase over $4
Dialga Candy Figure  - Good condition - $2
Dialga and Palkia phone charms - Both used - $1 for them both
Clear and Normal FCS (Normal is baseless) - Both good condition - $2 each or both for $3
Blue Porygon Keshi - $4
Clear Porygon kid - $5
Porygon Chibi figure - $1

Porygon and Porygon2 bootlegs - free with purchase! Look at their sad faces. How can you resist?

HUGE Dialga Jakks figure, lights up/makes noises. Seriously this guy is huge. Shipping could be quite high, please ask for a quote.
Like new, $15 OBO

Arceus Jakks and Snivy TY beanie
Arceus has no hang tag and is $4
Snivy is mint and is $10 (Less than the retail price!)

Pack of 172 random Pokémon cards. There's some from base set right up to the newest BW sets. There are doubles, rares, reverse holos... It's a mixed back. Pencil case IS included, too! Yay for cases for pencils!
$15 OBO

Keldeo Japanese half-deck, containing everything BUT Keldeo.

Jumbo huge Mewtwo card
$6 and, if you ONLY buy this, I'll throw the shipping in free!

Have a link to my tiny non-Pokémon sales post, too!


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